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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 7

Day 7 

Todays Challenge is to tell you my favourite movies! Now this is going to be hard for me as my favourites often change based on whats new, if I've watched it too much and I have a lot of dvd's to choose from! Thankfully I don't have to choose just one!

So lets see...I like period dramas and my favourites are Little Women, Lorna Doone, Wives and Daughters and Mansfield Park ( though I have many others!)

I like RomComs and I think my favourites are Sweet Home Alabama, The Lake House, Miss Congeniality, Legally Blonde 

I like Musicals and this is easier! My favourites are White Christmas and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Singing In The Rain

Golden Oldies (how old does it have to be to count?) An Affair to Remember, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dirty Dancing (this is what I meant by old enough) 

Disaster Movies... The Day After Tomorrow, The Core, Twister

Any other favourites are...The Lord of the Rings, Up Close and Personal, No Reservations, Star Trek Insurrection

So there you go! My favourite films :-) What are yours?

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