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Sunday, 23 May 2010

After The Rainbow

Today has been a good day! Despite my alarm not going off I managed to get up and out to the Summer Fayre at Dad’s church. 

I was a little later than planned and sadly without Mum as she’s not well but it was lovely to look around and find some pretty bits to buy and to be able to be out in the glorious sunshine for a while! I felt great! Not just because the sun is shining and hot but because I tried on a dress I bought last month that was a little close fitting and it looks great! Since trying it on when it first arrived I must have lost a little weight! Knowing I’ve lost some weight always makes me feel great and gives me more confidence! So here is a picture of me in my new dress! 

The sun is making me feel more able to do things too so I hang out the washing for mum and found a little shabby chic storage chest upstairs which I have brought down to my room to put things I make in it for my next home! 

I have an urge to start sorting through boxes and getting rid of things I don’t need to make more space for the things I do want to keep for my next home! I know I have to be careful to not over do it though so it will be doing just small amounts at a time, not going mad and ending up making myself ill again! Check out Teri’s Handmade Home blog for more information about my plans for my next home! 

So today feels like I might have made it to the other side of the Rainbow and it’s lovely and sunny!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Start

Hi All

You may or may not have noticed I have a new Page on my blog entitled 'Looking for the Good in Things!' though I may decide to change the name to simply Good Things it's content and purpose will not change!

It is a list that is going to grow day by day listing all the good things in my life! Having ME, Depression and Diabetes means there is an awful lot of bad stuff in my life and sometimes it can be hard to see what good is going on! So I am going to start to look for the good things! Some of them may seem like silly little things but it is a good place to start and as I continue I hope to start to see bigger good things going on! It's all about trying to look at things from a different perspective and focus on the good and not the bad! I am hoping that it will also help me get better if not physically then mentally!

I am also trying to learn to rest more and spend less time on the fun but energy zapping laptop! so if you see a bit less of me don't think I have forgotten you, I haven't I am just trying to focus on getting well! This is also a big learning curve! Isn't amazing how fast time zooms by when you are online? So I am going to try and remember to set an alarm so I spend only 1 hour at a time on there! I will let you know how I am doing and what works for me!

So as I am writing about looking for the good in things I am reminded of the name of my blog...Rainbow Days! Do you see the rain and be sad or look for the rainbow? The good in the bad. I am seeking rainbows!