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Friday, 8 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 8

Day 8 - A place I've travelled to!

I have done quite a lot of travelling in my life by train and bus (we didn't have a car when I was growing up) But mostly day trips. We didn't holiday much. I have been abroad only once and I did it in style forsaking France or Spain and instead went on a mission trip to Africa! I went to Uganda and Tanzania, travelling from Kampala, Uganda to Mwanza, Tanzania by car and then back again across Lake Victoria!

While we were there we visited an orphanage, a couple of schools and 3 churches! The things that stood out to me on the trip was the type of toilet - from nice clean flushing ones to holes in the floor and the roads. Nice concrete ones but that you could get into a traffic jam (the picture I have is not Africa but that's what their jams are like) with bikes and people pushing barrows weaving in and out of the cars as they inch forward. And then there were the red earth roads full of potholes with people on bikes with massive loads on the back and little wooden huts on the side of the road selling drinks and things.

The other thing that stuck with me was the children! By our standards they have next to nothing. Some they had distended bellies from worms because their families couldn't afford the small cost of tablets, some lived in orphanages having lost their whole family to aids, some had families and went to good schools but all of them laughed and put themselves in line of the camera! They just loved having their picture taken even though I didn't have a digital camera so they would never see the photo's taken!

Finally a little tale to make you laugh. On our way from Kampala to Mwanza we were stopped at the border. It was about 6pm and the customs officers wouldn't let us through as we were driving alongside the edge of Rwanda and that was dangerous! So we had to find accommodation for the night us girls were tired so went straight to bed while the boys went to the bar to find food and spent the night trying to convert prostitutes! We were sleeping in a brothel!

Well I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my travels.

Pop back tomorrow for day 9 :-)

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