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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 10

Day 10 and today I'm to share with you something I'm afraid of.

I am very scared of Crane flies! When I was at Junior School on Essex we didn't have halls we had open verandas. When we went back to school in September these verandas were covered with crane flies, on the floors, on the walls, millions of them! You couldn't walk without treading on them! The bizarre thing is although I hated them I wasn't petrified then even though mum tells me I used to have bites on my scalp! The fear kicked in when I was 18! I think I had managed to get through 6 years without having a crane fly close to me. Then when I was 18 I had one in my bedroom! And I freaked! I'm pretty sure the sound of it's wings had woken me up in the middle of the night cos I went and woke up mum and dad to get rid of it! This then continued to happen over the next few nights! I would be sound asleep and then wake up knowing there was a crane fly in the room when I would then go and wake up mum and dad to kill it for me! After a few nights of this I had 3 in my room and I thought maybe I can be brave and kill them  myself! Bad idea! I missed and then they flew at my head and I ended up in the middle of the floor curled in a ball screaming! I'm sure after that mum and dad would have appreciated it if I quietly woke them rather than screaming blue murder! I'm not so bad now as I don't see as many of them and I'm used to mum getting to them quickly but the fear is still great as I went looking for a pic of a crane fly for my post and couldn't look at the pics! They made me cringe! Uuuurrrgggghhhh!!

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