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Monday, 25 May 2009

Well It's Been A While...

It has been a couple of months since my last blog so this is going to be a little up date on all my subjects to let you know how I'm doing.

Firstly, the detox. Oh my! what hard work that was! I lasted 2 weeks out of the 4 it was meant to be! It was supposed to give me more energy and hopefully help with losing weight! It made me more tired and that didn't wear off. I found there was a lack of good varied recipes, by the end of those 2 weeks I was fed up of sauces with tomatoes in as everything seemed to taste of tomatoes! I think part of the reason it didn't work for me was because of suffering with ME. I have found I need meat!!!

On the other hand, it was such a success for my parents that my mum is going back on it! Dad, as a result of the detox has discovered that he has an intolerance to wheat and soya as well as the lactose one he already has and that he is fine with red meat but not white. So, as you can imagine, cooking for dad is rather more challenging now!! Mum has had the most remarkable results though. She was on very strong painkillers for her arthritis every 6 hours and even those didn't kill the pain, they only took the edge off and sometimes didn't even do that! She now takes them only when needed, about once every 2 days, and when she does take them the painkillers actually do kill the pain!!

So although the detox didn't work for me, it may be worth a try as it worked so well for my mum!!

Unfortunately, since then it looks like I have acquired an intolerance to milk. It has been something I have been rebelling against for quite a while now. I thought it might have been causing the catarrh I was getting but that wasn't enough to put me off, however, recently, it has been affecting me more severely and I don't think I can keep ignoring it. I am not having cereals now and I'm cutting down how much milk I have in the hope that I can still have some on occasion as I really don't like the alternatives! Here's hoping Wink

Moving onto the subject of counselling, I got a letter to tell me that I had been referred to the Community Mental Health Team for counselling but there was a long waiting list of several months and so I am still waiting for an appointment!

As for being single, it is still something I am struggling with!

I have a friend who is moving away soon and she already has someone in her new area in mind for me!! perfect in many ways but with an age gap that would concern me...not that his age, personality etc is the point, I have to stop myself grabbing hold of the idea of him being the right person for me! While I am open to the possibility that God will bring my husband to me through her I need to again step back and leave God to work out the details!

Recently, GOD TV were broadcasting from Jerusalem and provided everyone with the ability to present their requests to God by placing them on the altar in Jerusalem, among other things I presented the request to God again for my husband.

I have just added a book to my book list - When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy. They suggest that you do things for your husband now that he can appreciate when you meet. One of them wrote letters which they gave to the other on their wedding night. Well I started doing that at a time when I was finding it especially hard, writing letters and making valentines cards. You might think I'm mad but I hope it will be something special to him when he does get them! However, it was a bit upsetting the other day when I realised that I had now been writing to him for 4 years! Again, I had to go back to God and cry out to him! I talked to a friend but as ever friends can be there for you but they do not have the answer! But I pray to God, please let it be this year! And if you like me are waiting for your special someone, and have been waiting a long while,! then I pray that prayer for you too. Oh Lord, please let it be soon!

Well it is getting late and I do need my sleep as I think does this computer it seems to be slowing down!!!

I pray that you will have found encouragement in this blog. If you have then please do contact me and let me know, you can leave a message to this thread if you don''t mind sharing your thoughts with other readers or you can email me direct. I would love to hear from you.

God be with you

Teri xxx