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Monday, 4 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 4

Day 4 of my bloggy challenge! Today's subject is my parents.

So what can I say about my parents? Their greatest achievement is the fact they have been married for nearly 47 years! It hasn't been easy or plain sailing! There have been lots of fights and arguments and they nearly divorced but they sought help and worked hard to stay together! I am so proud of them for doing this and watching them has given me the training I need to have a successful marriage too (when God blesses me with a husband!) 

Another thing my parents have taught me is how to be hospitable! Our home is always open for visitors with an offer of a cup of tea or a meal! No matter how little food we had there was always enough to stretch it for a soul in need! On Sundays mum would always put on extra roast potatoes and frequently invited someone for lunch and tea. Often a single person who would maybe miss having someone to share Sunday lunch with. I know when I have lived on my own how difficult Sundays could be and wished someone had done this for me! I have been told before that I expect too much from Church but everything I expect I have learnt from my parents! Take note Christians! There is someone setting a great example! Can you follow suit? And if that is not enough my family didn't get invited out very often as mum is such a good cook they felt they couldn't give her something up to her standard but she would have just appreciated the fellowship and not having to cook for once!

My parents have tried to adopt in the past but were turned down but they have always talked about it and so I would love to open up my home to children in need! Some people feel that taking on someone else's child even as a baby could give them problems later in the child's life as the child might have criminal parents and therefore may become criminals themselves. I don't believe that and my parents are probably the reason why. They have taught me not to be prejudiced against anyone and to always give people a chance.

My parents both went to University late in life (mum was 56 when she graduated and dad graduated a year later aged 61) So they showed me it's never too late to follow your dreams! 

My mum is my best friend! I share everything with her and I have to say I do know her better than my dad does (oops) I was a daddy's girl when I was young but now my relationship with my Dad is not so great (I'm told it's ;cause we are too alike) but when I was living in Essex and struggling my dad was there for me and 
supported me. We get on best when we're not living in the same house ;-)

I get my love of music and desire for justice and fairness from my Dad and my craftiness and hospitality from my Mum. Both parents have passed on their shyness and compassion to me as well as stubbornness and temper! I have always been secure in the fact that my parents love me no matter how difficult things were at home. I hope that I can offer my kids as good a home as my parents have given me with just perhaps fewer rows hehe.


  1. Teri-I loved reading this!Very well written.I am sure you spoiled your Mum yesterday on Mothers Day.We sent her a small gift and it should arrive soon.Can't wait for you coming down soon,Love Sandyxx

  2. ps-I love the photo of Jan and Phil-it's my favourite photo of them!!


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