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Monday, 18 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 18

Day 18 - My favourite place to eat.

This one is difficult as since living in Lancaster I don't go out much for meals. As a family we go out for meals for birthdays but are limited on where we can go due to Mum's diet (no meat, dairy or fruit!) so we go to our local restaurant Greaves Park and sometimes to Bella Italia or our favourite Chinese restaurant The Fortune Star! The Fortune Star are great as they keep an eye (ooh a pun) on Dad for us as because of his blindness he doesn't serve himself so they will often come over and refill his dish for him. When I was in Cornwall I went to an Indian a lot called Ali Baba I loved having the Tandoori Prawns there and being a girl who like very mild curries they were always just right. (I have had Tandoori Prawns here and it's always been too hot for me!)

So not very exciting this post. I would have been happier talking about my favourite food :-) (Roast Lamb, roast potatoes, Roast parsnips and Mint jelly or Chinese)

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