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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 9

Day 9 my Dream House!

Now I'm not sure exactly what my dream house is. I have ideas that change depending if I'm imagining my dream house for now or if I'm married with a family! I like old and I love thatch! Even as I think about the house for now or my dream house I do like lots of light! I think that comes from having having sight problems but I also like to turn off all my lights and light some candles and watch tv in a chill state.

So the exterior and style of my house isn't very important (as I said old!) But what would I like on the interior? I dream of having a library and a craft room and a music room, a lovely light airy large kitchen that I just love to cook in! I would want to incorporate shabby chic interior styles but I would also want to have original features or even restore them! I would love to take an old wreck and make it as good as new but not modern new but in keeping with the age of the house. 

I would love a big garden where I can spend time outside, playing with Dulcie and sitting in the sun, and maybe even a bit of gardening. I would love it to be full of all kinds of plants and flowers. I love Roses and Bleeding Hearts, Hydrangeas, Hyacinths, Apple Trees and Pussy Willow. I would love a brook or river at the bottom of the garden and a tree swing! Oh and talking of swings I'd love a veranda like the American houses have with a porch swing!

I would love to live in the middle of the country when I can sit in the garden and here no-one just the sounds of nature. Alternatively near the sea but maybe near a quiet cove no-one knows about :-) I love water! 

Oh and if I can live somewhere with that sunset view I would be a very happy girl!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my dream house. Do you have a dream house and are you lucky enough to be living it?

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