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Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Rainy Day!

As I write this I am sitting on my bed with my leg resting on a rolled up duvet! I have a poorly ankle! I don't know what I have done to it but it has been really painful for a couple of days and yesterday after a phone call to a dr I went to A&E for an xray!Thankfully it's not broken just badly sprained and I was sent home to rest it! I was offered crutches but with Me they would be more trouble than they are worth! I was very grateful not to have broken a bone and need them! they would have put a lot of stress on the rest of my body and particularly my arms! So here I am sitting on my bed with my laptop and tv remotes to hand so that I can rest!

Now having ME you would think I would be used to resting! It's not the same though! I only rest on my bed for 3 or 4 hours a day and the rest of my day I spend with the family. I can potter about or go to the shop to get a few necessities, take the dogs for a little walk (which might be how I sprained my ankle in the first place!) but instead I am not allowed to drive and I'm not allowed to walk the dogs and I'm in my little room all alone! Well not so little room and not completely alone as I have my Dulcie dog to keep me company! (That said she has just taken herself off to my parents room! I've been deserted! "Dulcie Come here!" and I have my companion back again!)

Despite the 'Rainy day' feel of all this I think I might learn a few things! I'm not very good at pacing myself and not overdoing things which makes my ME worse! Maybe these few days in bed will help me to recoup some energy and maybe show me that I need to spend more time resting. I may find that spending a bit more time alone in my bedroom will help me feel more peaceful and reduce the number of arguments between me and Dad. I'll have more time to write my blogs and get to listen to more of my own music. I may find myself drawing closer to God and letting Him guide my actions more. I have already learnt some new skills on the computer which I have to say has been very encouraging! I sometimes get scared of trying things because I'm unsure of my own ability so maybe I can use this time to try some new things.

So as with all things we need to try and see the positive in what seems to be a negative situation and I am going to give that a try! I hope if you have something negative going on in your life right now you will try to look for the positives! Don't forget to look for the Rainbow after the storm!

God bless you

Teri xx