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Friday, 7 August 2009


I’m feeling utterly wretched today! I wish I could say it was just a bad day and that I would feel better tomorrow but I have felt like this for the last couple if days! If my Dad is pleasant and cheery I just feel really cross at him just because he is happy, I find it annoying. I Love my Dad, really I do, but I just can’t help or understand how I feel! Is it PMT? I used to be on the pill to regulate my periods but since being put on antidepressants. I have as a consequence put on weight and am at risk of a stroke if I remain on the Pill, therefore, I am suffering PMT for the first time ever! I am a total Bitch when I have it and as my periods are no longer every 4 weeks I don’t know when my period is coming and I don’t realise that I am suffering from PMT. I feel utterly cross all the time, it never seems to lift! Does anyone out there have any tips for dealing with PMT and for my parents, living with it? Why do I feel so cross? It is a horrid feeling.

I have so many lovely things around me and much to be happy about. Right this minute I have a lovely little dog lying asleep next to me, snoring slightly. Although she hasn’t been the best-behaved dog today. I had to laugh when I took her for a walk. I was sure there was no water around for her to wallow in, as she likes to do, but after she had run around for a while she ran over to a building currently being built and there was a trench filled with water! By the time I got over there She was thoroughly wet and muddy and very happy!

Well I guess there is no easy answer to how I feel, but if I find anything that helps me, I will share it with you! I do hope there is something out there otherwise I will have to just live through the wretched moods!