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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 17

Day 17 A song to match your mood! 

This is one of those days I have had a swap around as I anticipated being very happy today being back in Cornwall with my best friends and becoming a Godmother to little Sarah! 

So this is my song. It's called On a High by Duncan Sheik

Here are the lyrics...

I'm on a high, I'm on a high
There's nothing more to it
We are the sea and the sky
And the blue that runs through it

And there are some who say there are
So many things I need
So I run or I fight and I crawl or I scream and I bleed
I bleed, I bleed

Well it's a lie, it's a lie-don't you believe it
If you're fine, then you're fine-it's all how you see it
Oh, there will never be no conspiracy of happiness

I'm on a high, on a high
There's nothing more to it
I have the sun, it's a star
Why should I refuse it?

And there are so many reasons I could give you why I should be down
There's not enough money or time and my love
You're not around
Around, around

You're alive, you're alive-what else could you give me
You are fine, you are fine-nothing's worth fearing
Oh, there never will be no conspiracy of happiness

I'm on a high, on a high
You are the sea and the sky
I'm on a high, I'm on high
I'm on a high 

I didn't know this song before I started trawling through You tube using different words to describe my mood! So if you don't know it pop on over to You Tube (this link will take you straight to it) and have a listen! Not only are the words great but it's an up tempo song too :-)

I hope you like it!

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