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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Friendship Vignettes - Jubilee


Well with the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend I have had the opportunity to enjoy a street party for the very first time! Somehow I have not been in the right place at the right time for any other occasion. I had a lot of fun at our street party on Monday afternoon managing to catch the best weather of the weekend! How about you? Did you have fun at the weekends celebrations or were your spirits dampened by the weather? I hope you managed to exhibit the British ability to rise above the circumstances (which is nearly always the weather) and have fun despite it all! 

And so I had to as well as I had rise above the camera I broke the day before our street party! So this weeks FV photo's were taken on my little Android phone and there are fewer than I would like but I do hope you like them.

This was my choice for this week ...

and these are a handful of others

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I hope you will pop back next week to see our *Music* photo's or maybe you would like to join us and take your own photo. You can either blog it yourself and link up underneath the FV post or you can send your photo to Maria. Details available on the blog. Also please follow the blog and then you will know about our special plans for our 100 week Anniversary :-)

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