Follow the goings on in my little world with my little doggy and our exciting new adventure of moving back to Cornwall in August and all the ideas that are coming thick and fast!

Check out Teri's Handmade Home for news about the things I am making for my next home which is still a little way off and Dulcie Days for Dulcie's take on the move and her other antics :-)

} Good Things! {

1. I have a doggy who loves me very much and whom I love heaps!
2. I have a host of lovely friends who care about me!
3. I have a family who cares about me! Hmm not sure about the order of these 3 though! :-) 
4. I have loads of lovely things to watch on tv and masses of Dvd's to keep me occupied when I have to rest!
5. I have lots of pretty things to look at!
6. I am talented and can make beautiful things!
7. I have had a happy day today (10/02/10) 
8. I live in a world full of the most amazing technology that allows me to travel where I please on this Earth and if I can't travel for any reason I can keep in touch with my friends online! 
9. I live in a beautiful part of the world where pretty much the best of everything that England has to offer in easy reach!
10. I look out of my window and can see a beautiful Apple tree in spring bloom
11. I can lie on my bed to rest and see the sunlight playing on the golden stone houses opposite
12. Right now I can smell the delicious odours of my dinner cooking!
13. I have a beautiful dress to wear on my parents wedding anniversary next month, it's a size 16 and fits!
14. I love Rainbows!
15. I have a friend who has a blog full of things to make me laugh...
16. Someone says I have a lovely blog
17. I have HOPE in all things! 
18. I LOVE Greys Anatomy! It always makes me laugh well nearly always :-)
19. I had a cuddle with a sweet, not so little puppy (she's 16 months) who then fell asleep on me! Peace!
20. I have just bought a Japanese Orchid for £5.99! replaces the one that somehow died while I was ill!
21. Watching tv and films that make me laugh out loud! 
22. The sun is shining and I am looking forward to a trip into town to get some necessities and treat myself to a pretty cartridge pen!
23. I love the fresh smell just after it's rained!
24. Bumping into a friend in an unexpected place (considering I don't know many people up here so never bump into people) It was lovely!
25. Making a new friend
26. Spending time with friends
27. Being invited out to a pamper evening! 
28. Being a member of a wonderful organisation called the RAC who came and rescued me when I ran out of petrol! OOPS!
29. Finding a bargain! I have just bought a lovely little white willow drawer unit for £5 when they are usually about £20 because there were 2 drawers missing! That's no problem I can still make use of it!
30. having the money to shop for beautiful things for a special friend's birthday!
31. Going on a surprise, last minute trip to Cornwall!
32. Finding Cornwall a lovely emotional experience! I was HOME
33. Catching up with most of my very lovely friends and finding that it was like no time had past!
34. Coming home and finding that I'm feeling heaps better and am able to loads more! all that resting has done me good!
35. Getting out for lovely walks with my doggy in the park!
36. Doing a fab project with my friend which means getting out and taking loads of photo's! Check out Friendship Vignettes posts and the 'rejects' page
37. Looking forward to moving out and getting my own place just me and Dulcie!
38. lots of lovely new things for my birthday and a lovely day and meal out with a friend!
39. getting ready to go shopping with my lovely Marmee and having a chat with my favourite stall holder! (jewellery of course!)
40. feeling that the business is almost ready to step up a gear!

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