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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 26

Day 26 - Your Dream Wedding

Like most little girls I have been dreaming my wedding since I was very young!

I dreamed of the Fairytale! My Prince Charming, a Cathedral Wedding and yes the meringue dress!

Yes that is St Paul's Cathedral where Princess Diana got married. What can I say? I have great taste and it  was kind of my local Cathedral when I was little!

I used to sing in a church choir at weddings so at a very early age I found my favourite piece of music for walking up the aisle (or is it down? I never can remember) you know the piece you walk out to as a married couple! Widor's Toccata

It is so triumphant and simply glorious!

(Wow look at those Stained glass Windows!)

Another piece of music for the ceremony is 'Oh Jesus I have Promised' as I love it and my parents had it at their wedding too but I would have a different tune!

My favourite colour is Jade green and the necklace that love came from is this one...

This necklace belonged to my Great - Grandmother! It's probably not valuable but I have always loved it and would love to wear it at my wedding and have my bridesmaids in one of the shades of green in it! I would love an engagement ring to match too :-)

I always dreamed of Gold wedding rings as that is all I knew but now I'm not so sure. I rarely wear gold so maybe White Gold or if money is a problem then silver will be fine! Hang on this is my dream wedding right? Heck! Then I want White Gold or Platinum!! hehe

Flowers? I love fragrant flowers, Freesias, Roses and Lilies and either in a traditional bouquet... you know big and trailing down the front of my dress or maybe just a smaller bouquet carried over my arm.

Yep Princess Diana again. What do you expect I was about 8 years old when she got married. She was my Fairytale Princess!

So I think that about wraps it up for my dream wedding unless I decide to throw all this away for an American style outdoor wedding? .... then again .... NO Chance!

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