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Monday, 25 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 25

Day 25 put your ipod (mp3 player in my case) on shuffle what are the first 10 songs?...

I have just got back from my hols (the day before yesterday) and in all that time I've known exactly where my MP3 player is now I'm home and I've had it on charge for a little bit I can't find it!! No idea where it's gone! so instead I am having to do this on Windows Media Player! so here goes...

1. O.K. Rock Remix - Big Brovas (ok I can't just give you a list I have to comment or explain!!) I bought this cd for a couple of songs I do like on it and don't think I've even heard this one!

2. Hold On - Take That

3. Holy is The Lord - Abundant Life Mininstries

4. Bring it on - Alistair Griffin

5. Beast Of Burden - Bette Midler

6, Let Your Healing Come - Casey Corum (Vineyard Music)

7. If I Let You Go - Westlife

8. You'll Never Walk Alone - Robson and Jerome

9. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood

10. God of All Of Me - Sandi Patty

ok in all honesty I skipped a couple (that was after I had done this a couple of times and skipped every other one!) But I ask you... Would you honestly put your 10 random songs up for everyone to see and maybe mock? I'm not worried about being mocked so much as it being a representation of what I really listen to which even this isn't...oh well it's just meant to be fun...isn't it? hehe

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