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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 5

Day 4! If you're following anyone else's challenge then you might have noticed today is supposed to be what song matches your mood but as I'm going to be away this month I need some I can write in advance and some I want to save until....well no. 17 is something you're looking forward to when right now the thing I'm looking forward to is happening on that day. Soooo I am swapping some around! I want to tell you what I'm looking forward too cos it's really exciting :-)

A week today I will be getting on a train heading South! I haven't been on a train for ages so I'm really looking forward to that! 

My train will take me to Leominster to stay overnight with a dear friend and then the next day I'll be getting on another train that will carry me all the way into my beloved Cornwall! I can't believe I have a second opportunity in a year to go back and see my friends! That is very exciting in itself but the reason for my visit isn't just to go back to Cornwall and see my friends it's to attend the Christening of my friends Sam and Greg's little Miracle baby Sarah. It is imperative that I am there as I am going to be Sarah's Godmother! I'm so excited to go and meet this precious little bundle and have lots of cuddles and play such an important part in her life! 

I get to spend almost a week with her and her family and then the train will carry be back to Leominster and the next day on to home! Also while I'm there I get to see my adopted Sister and nephew and niece! 

Oh I'm sooo excited!!

My tickets are bought arrangements are almost all sorted! Now I just need to make my new dress for the Christening and pack and get on that train! I simply cannot wait to get down there!

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