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Christian Singleness Diary

Hi There,
Well this is a new line of Blogging for me.
I am a Christian Single who believes that we should live by the bibles teaching which means no sex outside marriage and God's will in our lives which brings me to my problem. Being 34 single, childless and currently, due to health problems problems, jobless.
I don't know about you but that all sounds rather depressing. And do you know what? It is!!!
So I have determined to write this blog on my feelings and how I am coping with them in the hope that maybe others out there might find it helpful especially in knowing that if you feel like this you are not alone!!!
Come and visit this Blog and tell me how you are doing and maybe by joining together in our united singleness we might be able to find more of God's will in our lives and even more importantly support for each other.
I am going to try and write daily but forgive me if I don't keep it up! I've never been good at daily journaling!
So after that intro, here's todays offering....
well I am suffering with a nasty cold and cough and that is making me feel rather poorly and with that comes a lot of time thinking and getting down about life and where it is going!!! Last night I told God I didn't want to go to any more weddings until I have been to my own!!! then I remembered my friend is getting married next year! Maybe I could get married before her but I have to say that seems very unlikely!!!
I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding as well this evening which I'm sure you would agree is a bit silly but I didn't cry too much! lol!
I am now watching a worship dvd while I type this in the hope that it will minister to and relax me before going to sleep.
I'm going to sign off for now so that I can post this and see if I can get some sleep.
God bless you, friends

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  1. Just popped in to have a look at your blog. Glad i did because it makes me feel i am not alone. Just wanted to say thank you really and it is good to be your friend, best wishes, David :-)


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