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Friday, 13 August 2010

The Taste Of Memories

When I was a little girl we didn't have a car so our trips out were always by train. I do love train journeys. 

Ok so they weren't Steam Trains! I'm not that old!

 But you can sit and look out of the window for all kind of beautiful, wonderful things and imagine what places are like from the sound of their name. 

 I used to play race when the train ran alongside the road and of course we always won which was fun! We used to play cards games, I spy and all those other kind of games you used to play when we didn't have computer consoles and Ipods!

At the station we always used to pick up a packet of Murray Mints! You know the little packets? And every time I eat a Murray Mint I am transported back to those days out travelling by train!
Well tomorrow I am off on another journey. not by train this time but by car and for the first time ever I am taking my Murray Mints in the car with me and making new memories which eating Murray mints will remind me of...or will they always just remind me of those days gone by when I travelled by train to a miriad of adventures with my family?

What do you think?

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I'm off to Cornwall!

I am a very excited bunny right now! Having not been back to Cornwall for nearly 5 years I have just been presented with a last minute opportunity to go on Saturday! I can't wait! I will be able to see most of my friends who I haven't seen in 5 years!!

So here are some of my favourite Cornish spots and why!

 Mevagissey! I love Mevagissey! I love the quaint little shops which I understand now include a Bead shop (always fun and exciting) I love the tiny little streets definitely not made for today's traffic and I love walking around the harbour and seeing the wild sea just the other side of the harbour walls!

Idless Woods! This was a gorgeous wood just outside or Truro and quite near where I lived in Shortlanesend. I once had a headache when I was working from home so jumped in the car with my camera and an hour later with my headache gone and some gorgeous photo's of the bluebell full wood I returned back to work refreshed and renewed!

Port Isaac was my very first experience of Cornwall. We used to go to a little Christian guest house there when we lived in Leamington Spa. I loved the cliffs, the beaches and the sea! I have loved the sea ever since! Though I didn't like the hill climbing on the way back from the beach! Cornwall in all it's beauty has many, many steep hills!

St Agnes. A favourite spot with gorgeous views and the location of many adventures! I did once grab my camera one evening and do something I had never done before or since. I drove out at sunset right by that very tin mine and used 2 1/2 films just shooting away at the gorgeous sunset remaining in the wind with my hood up until the sun had totally disappeared into the ocean!

The Eden Project! every bit as marvellous as advertised in fact it might even be better! I had the experience of visiting it when it was still under construction! A memory I will never forget as I visited with my brother and we watched a life sized, mechanic, puppet show made of wood telling the story of life without trees. You saw the fridge empty, the clothes disappear, the table disappear, the people die and then the cat keeled over and my brother...laughed!! heartless wretch!

Truro! My home of many years (about 15) Every time I went away I would get up about 5 mins before we were due to arrive just so I could stick my head out of the window and watch this vista appear before me sometimes in daylight like this and sometimes at night when Truro Cathedral was lit like a beacon in the midst of house and street lights! This scene always gave me a thrill and said "I'm Home"

My final picture has no place name. I don't know exactly where it is but it is probably the North Coast as they have the best, sandy beaches. This just sums up everything I miss about Cornwall, the majestic cliffs, the beautiful azure sea, the sandy beaches (best experienced with bare feet) and the blue, blue sky!