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Monday, 5 October 2009

Singles Summit

HI All,

I just wanted to share with you about a TV program on Sky (or Free Satellite) It's called Singles Summit and it is aired on KICCTV. It is really good to be able to watch a Pastor speak specifically to singles in a God filled message!

For those of us that find it hard to concentrate on sermons, these come in nice comfortable 30 minute slots!

Some of the sessions are specifically aimed at those of us who are over 30
. It is so refreshing to hear a man of God say that it is rare to be called to singleness permanently and that it is denial to say that we are ok on our own and don't need that relationship that God ordained from the beginning of Life! Pastor Matthew also talked about cycles in our lives that happen every 6 months where in one cycle we accept our singleness and know that God has it in control and then in another cycle how we cry out to God with our whole being and offer compromises like "Anyone will do!" "I'll go to Africa instead, Lord and work full time for you!". I can so identify with that and I bet you do too.

I have found so much truth and encouragement in these sessions and take time to watch another session. I have spent so much time crying over the thoughtless things that married Christians say. The absolute worst being "when you tell God you don't want/need a husband, that's when God will send him to you!" When your whole being cries out for something you can't just let it go and say you don't want it anymore. That statement encourages hypocrisy and denial! God understands your deep desire and he knows how important it is to you. He also knows who is right for you and when is right for you and so we have to continually trust in our Father that He will bring this to pass in His timing and acknowledge that His timing is best for you/me /us.

On an update on how I am doing, I start group therapy at the end of October. I believe this is important not only for my mental health but also for me as a Christian single. I am praying that this will help me overcome problems in my life that are barriers to me meeting and marrying the man God has for me! I have recently realised that all the men in my life, my father, brother, abuser, friends have left me with hangups about relating to men. Now while I have only just realised this, God has always known it and He is helping me to this realisation so that I can face it, deal with it and move on!

I hope that you will be able to find your way to viewing these sessions and finding Gods truths through it. If you don't have sky, try to find a friend who could record them for you.

God Bless You greatly as you meet with Him during this time.