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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day 16

Day 16 - a picture of my best friend!

This one is hard for me as I do have lots of very close friends! I wouldn't want to do a picture of one and upset another! So I will be doing a number of pictures and maybe saying a little about why that friend is special to me.

I would like to say that these are not in order of Importance But I am starting with Sam and her Family as I have not seen them for 6 years prior to this visit for my Goddaughter's (and the newest member of their family) Christening!

(in order) David, Steven, Alley, Tony (Sam's dad) with Sarah, Chris (Sam's mum), Sam and Greg

Sam is a very special friend that I know was provided by God! We met when she went forward for prayer in Church leaving her 2 year old Alley with my mum crying dreadfully. Now my mum has bought up 2 of us and has childminded so didn't need me trainee nursery nurse barging in saving the day and comforting this poor little girl. So I left it a while and then went over. Alley turned around to me and lifted her arms, I picked her up and she stopped crying! Sam and I have been firm friends ever since! Sam and Gregs was always a place I could run too when I needed support or just some fun and company . She was my prayer partner and my singing and jewellery making making buddy! I have missed her so much and no-one could ever take her place! I later met the kids dad, Greg. we hit it off immediately ending up spending the evening in fits of laughter and consider him a dear friend too! 

Anna and I were at school together friends but not very close. We sang in the choir together. We stayed in touch meeting up with some other mutual friends for Christmas and Birthdays. Anna has Cerebral Palsy and wanted to move out of home but didn't feel she could manage on her own. We got a place together and she is the best Housemate I have ever had! Our time together was fun and peaceful which following the rows I had with my previous housemates was very welcome!


Maria is an amazing friend who is most like me! We both love crafts and love getting together to do them side by side but we trade ideas and and tips. We both love shopping and blogging and love being able to do those together too. But the thing that, I think brings us closest together is the way our lives are at present! She is the only person I know who's life mirrors mine! And so when we are struggling with things that are not happening at the moment or other things from which support. We are to each other the someone who can give support knowing from experience how you are feeling which is invaluable. 


Keren and I are very close and tell each other everything! We get on the phone for a quick chat and 2 hours later having rung each other back at least once we will finally get off the phone!

me and Keren 

Karen and I became friends under sad and tense circumstances but although our friendship has been up and down and we had a break from each other I am glad to be friends with her again :-)

Karen and me
Helen and I met in a Christian group called Women Aglow. I was leading worship with my guitar and she asked me to teach her! 2 lessons later we are good friends and she has suppassed me! :-) It was lovely going to Cornwall together last year we were so busy chatting from the minute we got in the car that Helen went on autopilot heading to work and missing our exit! We talked the whole 10 hour journey and I can honestly say I did not hear a single song on the cd player!

Sonia is like my second mum. She is the place where I would run if I had a row with my dad when I was in my teens (and beyond) 


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