Follow the goings on in my little world with my little doggy and our exciting new adventure of moving back to Cornwall in August and all the ideas that are coming thick and fast!

Check out Teri's Handmade Home for news about the things I am making for my next home which is still a little way off and Dulcie Days for Dulcie's take on the move and her other antics :-)

} Favourite Websites {

Rainbow Cottage is my own website designed by Maria Hogan a lovely, very creative friend! There you can find out about the concept of Rainbow Cottage, a bit about me and my Mum, Jan as we try to build up our little business and see some of the products we have for sale and where you can buy them and more of the products we have made.
It is still in need of some more care to provide a site that shows you not only what I have for sale but also things I have made in the past! Check out my accompanying blog

Here is my 'Doggy Blog' all about the life and laughs of owning my little Border Collie, Dulcie. She had puppies last year so you can find out a little bit about them and the puppy we kept, Bess.

My creative blog all about my plans to create a shabby chic, recycle, reuse, on a strict, tiny budget, inspired home! The idea is to spend as little as possible and so I will be making things myself and hoping to find any big things I need for free from and if necessary repaint, re- cover, or generally refresh and personalise!

Dotty Maria Maria's daily diary. She is working her way through the alphabet at the mo which is such a lovely idea!

Dotty Moo is Maria's 'Life is Funny' blog. a great place to go if you need cheering up or just want a laugh or a poignant reminder of what life is all about!

Maria's Crafty blog all about the crafty projects she's working on! Absolutely Gorgeous Blog!

This is Maria's doggy Dilly and her own little blog! Dilly was my Dulcie's playmate when I first picked her up and is Dulcie's best doggy friend though they haven't seen each other since! She always sniffs any parcels that Maria sends me!

Here is a wonderful site for buying and selling handmade items. I use it to buy unusual beads and have a shop on there now with another coming soon. Check out my Rainbow Cottage Shop and look out for my supply shop Rainbow's Attic coming soon!

I have just joined Ravelry but do come along and say hello and we can talk all things wool related!