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Friday, 3 September 2010

Me and Cornwall Reunited!

Well I though it was about time I followed up my last 2 posts by telling you what it was like to go back to Cornwall after 5 years and what Cornish Delights I experienced!

On my first morning in Cornwall we went into Newquay! It was exactly like I said in my blog about Cornwall...The sun was out, the sky was blue, the sea was like the colours found in the Mediterranean and I took one look at it all and my heart filled with emotion fit to burst! I was HOME! It was a magical feeling!

My next stop was a quaint 'shabby chic' tea room where I had my first real Cornish cream tea in 5 years! it was gorgeous and just added to my growing happiness and contentment and feeling of being home!

During the rest of my trip I enjoyed Saffron buns, Cornish pasties and the lovely Cornish Mead! Sadly not all of my party appreciated mead (I can't understand that! How could you not like mead? hehe) Oh and my favourite Cornish fudge, strawberry and cream flavour, bought from Presingoll Barns just outside of St Agnes. 

The total Cornwall experience was finished off by meeting up with much loved friends and finding out that despite my lack of contact we are still as good friends as we were and value each other's friendship still and just picked up as if no time had passed!

And so after this very emotional journey I come away with new found confidence, a greater tolerance to activity (from an ME perspective), new dreams and the determination to hang onto them and this car sticker!

I never imagined when I decided to take this chance and just go for it that I would have a truly life changing experience and rediscover all the things that are important to me but you just never know what experiences in life are the important ones so grab every opportunity that comes along and don't let your inhibitions get in the way!

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