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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Introducing Friendship Vignettes

Welcome to Friendship Vignettes. This is a project Maria and I are doing inspired by Happy Snappy. Happy Snappy are 2 friends separated by distance (one in Scotland and one in Finland). Maria saw their blog and was totally inspired to do something similar as we too are separated by distance. I live in Lancashire and Maria lives in Herefordshire. Maria and I have known each other for 14 years now. Wow I can't believe it is actually that long but we met at a friends wedding and her son is 13! Oh actually the date we met is on our banner. August 1996! How many times can you remember the exact date you meet a friend and have a photo of you on that day! But then Maria is a very special friend so it is lovely to have that memory preserved forever!

So back to our project! Every week one of us picks a theme. Then without discussing it we go and take some photo's on that theme. On Thursday we swap photo's and then post them to our blogs so you can all see what we have each taken and how similar or very different our photo's are! This week Maria chose 'Hole'. Check out her lovely blog Maria Divine. And here are our pictures:-

Hope you like them! If you do please leave a comment!

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