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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Rainy Days

I have been struggling the last few days. There has been lots going on, emotional things. Things like preparing to move back to Cornwall, opening a new online shop (when I'm supposed to be downsizing my shops to reduce pressure) and the possibility of taking my jewellery into a new shop in town (the preparation was too much pressure). Doesn't really sound like much does it? But it all came to a head and brought me down. It's made me think I've been generally down for too long (all this year sadly) and it's time to see my Dr and see what she has to say. 

And so I have been letting myself off the (diet) hook and enjoying whatever I fancy for a few days and taking all pressure off and relaxing. Trying to get back to the place of accepting where I'm at and that I can trust God to take care of my future and then I go on facebook and my friend had put this great quote from Mother Teresa ( I just had to check the spelling of her name even though it's the same as mine!). It really speaks to me right where I am, right at this time....

May today you find this Peace within knowing that you too are in just the place where you are meant to be and like me try to absorb the lessons the day has for us!

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