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Monday, 23 May 2011

Magpie Monday

Hi I'm going to join the rest of the happy bloggers out there doing Magpie Monday. (the Magpie Monday blogs I've been following is Karen's The White Approach and Miss Daisy of Miss Daisy Crafts)
 I won't be doing one every week but just when I have some fab bargains (steals) to share with you!

So here is my latest steal...

So to start with a confession... I didn't get these just this week. It's taken me a while to blog about them. But they are still a Magpie steal! One of the things I'm really good at is forgetting things! and that always includes sunglasses! So when I went to Cornwall I did remember my sunglasses but then I went to Truro to meet up with my Sister, Nephew and Niece and what did I do? Yep you got it... forgot my sunglasses and yes it was very sunny! So we popped into a fab little charity shop and asked if they had any sunglasses and they went into the back and came out with a basket full of them. I had a rummage, tried several pairs and decided on the ones I liked best. So when I go to pay the assistant asks if they're designer and I say "I don't think so" but she checked and they were.....

Yep! that's D&G on the side...Dolce and Gabbana!! So since they were designer she charged me....£3! Bargain! A real steal! And if that's not enough my Sister was buying some at the same time and so paid for mine for me! I do think this might well remain my bargain of the year!!

I hope you'll pop back to see some of my other Magpie steals coming soon :-)

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