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Monday, 30 May 2011

Magpie Monday

Hi this is my 2nd post joining the host of happy bloggers out there doing Magpie Monday. (the Magpie Monday blogs I've been following is Karen's The White Approach and Miss Daisy of Miss Daisy Crafts)
 I said I wouldn't do one every week but I had such fab bargains this week I just had to share :-)

So here is my latest steals...

A gorgeous New Look top in my favourite colour and a size 14 that fits me! Only £2.89! A bargain and a confidence booster! What more could a girl want?

This top is another moral booster being a River Island size 16. We all know River Island clothes are generally on the small size and a steal at £2.99

The hangers they are on deserve a mention too. I went into Wilkinson's and could get 5 for £2.49 in black or beige. Eugh! But in Home Bargains I got 10 for £2.99 and in Pink! Perfect for a girls wardrobe!

Please pop over to Me and My Shadow by Missie Lizzie where you can find all the other Magpie Monday bloggers and their finds.

So what about you? Have you found any bargains lately?


  1. they are both very lovely tops and such good bargains :)

  2. Firstly Teri, I love your Magpie Monday header its totally gorgeous.
    Well done on the tops, I love it when I fit into smaller sizes, but really wish they would have an industry standard.

  3. Gorgeous. Must find a Home Bargains and get myself down there.

  4. What lovely tops and great bargains! You did well :) x

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments! Especially about my header Karen. I totally agree about standardising sizes! what can we do about it? any ideas? x

  6. Great bargains. Thanks for joining in.

    I love it when I unexpectedly fit into a 'smaller' size!

    Would it be possible to link back to the original post so your readers can find the other link ups?

    Thanks x

    Sorry - blogger's not letting me sign in to comment @missielizzieb

  7. I love the colour and style of the first top


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