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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

What a Day

What a day we have had! Do you believe in things happening in threes? I don't and based on today I have good reason. In our house it's a case of why stop at three?!

This morning the first main thing to happen was that my mum tripped up the steps in the garden and she grazed her shin right next to scarring from an injury from two years ago which left the skin on that leg very vulnerable. I put some antiseptic cream and a dressing on for her and then we went shopping.

When we got back we unpacked the shopping. My mum dropped a glass salt mill on the floor which we cleared up. A while later I walked into the kitchen and stepped hard on a bit of glass we missed in bare feet! It bled a bit and hurt a lot!

Then I was looking for my glasses and grazed my arm on the table beside my chair!
at Tea time my mum nearly went flying when she tripped over Dad's feet (Big feet, small lounge!) and then later I nearly fell down the stairs moving the clothes horse across the landing! All this in addition to the usual amount of people dropping things!

There is one thing that is certain, there really is never a dull moment in this house!!!


  1. i see, so not good then, definatley not a good month for you!!!

  2. nope not a good month! that makes 2 years runnning that I remember! and I chose to move up here in March after a very emotional couple of months following my car crash! when given a choice that would make driving up to visit mum and dad almost impossible and feeling like I had to choose between my family and the other option my family won! Thanks for your comment! I love to know people are coming by and reading what I am writing xxx


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