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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

28 Days of Detox Starts Here!

Well I have just had my first meal on my new detox diet!!! I have to say that porridge without any sugar is most unappetising! It had seeds added but I wouldn't really try to eat it 'til I had added some sultanas. I then managed to eat most of it but it was a struggle. I hope it gets easier.

I like nuts and fruit and most vegetables and for the last month have had practically no meat. The hardest part of the detox is, therefore, dropping milk and sugar and (sob sob) chocolate!! All this in the hope that I will start to feel more awake and have more energy with the possible side effect of losing some weight and, boy, do I need to do that!!

At least I'm not alone. My family are on this detox too. Hopefully we will all see positive effects within the first couple of weeks. I had better go and get a glass of water now as I have to drink 8 glasses today!

Well I will keep you posted on the joys of Detox over the next 28 days.

For the rest of you out there enjoy your day and your coffee, chocolate and wine!!!

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