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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Queen of Bizarre ~ Dreaming

I had a dream last night. I was in a location I didn't recognise but I think was meant to be my senior school (isn't that just like dreams?) Anyway I walked into this hallway and saw my doggy, Dulcie in front of me running up the stairs and I was obviously surprised which I guess means that she wasn't meant to be with me and then someone opened a door behind me and I turned around and when I turned back instead of a black and white Collie she had become black and tan and not my doggy it all! I remember telling some kids near me about it and saying " Isn't that bizarre?" and thinking I should put it on this blog! Well I'm not sure it's really bizarre except in the fact that what we dream is bizarre! Why do we dream what we dream? Some people think all dreams have meaning, others say its just our brain emptying its recycling bin (yes I spend too much time on my computer!) I believe if the dream makes sense to you, that it's something you have been worrying about then there is meaning but otherwise it's just your imagination having fun! Don't you wish you could record your dreams and make them into films or books? I do! Oh and do you dream in colour? I do!


  1. I've just transfered this post with a couple of others over from another blog so I'm copying over the comments too....

  2. From Maria....

    yes I do dream in colour ... I often have elements of dreams that I have drempt before too, and while I am dreaming, I think 'Oh, I know this place, I know what happens next'
    Yes they are very odd things ... I think some definitely have meanings and some is just our brain processing what has been going on in our lives.
    Happy Dreaming x

  3. my reply to Maria's comment...

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for your comment! That's interesting that you can register that you have had this dream before while you're dreaming!

    Some of my dreams are prophetic and I would have them more than once but I don't know they're prophetic until they come true and I'm sitting there thinking I know what that person is going to say next!

    When I faint I dream in colour against a black background!

    happy dreaming to you too xxxx

  4. Rebecca stopped by on the 2nd May...

    I don't know why we don't understand our dreams! Very interesting though!

  5. my reply to Rebecca...

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for stopping by :-)

    We spend a lot of time trying to make sense of them though don't we?

    love Teri xxx


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