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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Botany Bay!

After years of promising ourselves a trip to Botany Bay and not making it, even though it's only 30 miles away, Mum and I finally got there today! Now obviously this is not the botany bay in America but a big shopping centre situated in an old mill just outside of Chorley, Lancashire. 

 It is so atmospheric in places really 'Olde Worlde'. You feel like you have stepped back in time! This shop is an old fashioned sweet shop too! very tempting but we resisted!

We saw it as a perfect opportunity to do some Christmas shopping and we did...some Christmas shopping and bought ourselves some nice treats too!

The whole 4th floor (thats right there are 5 floors!) was a Christmas shop full of beautiful decorations! We bought a couple of decorations to go on our window which gets more elaborate each year! You could spend a lot of money but prices we very reasonable!

We stopped twice. Once for lunch and once for coffee and cakes. Here's mum with her dinner :-)

Aren't these doors lovely? Very Victorian! We were informed by notice that a lot of original features had been kept. Maybe these doors were one of them.

Sooo what did we buy? Well I can't show you the presents we bought as some of them for friends who read this blog but here are the treats we bought for ourselves...

The angel is a candle holder for our Advent candle, the star is a tealight holder. I really fell in love with this! The candle is for my bedroom for tv time and the coaster is for my bedroom too. The robin and the 'Have Faith' are both for the Christmas window (I'll blog about it when I do it next month) and the little heart bowl is for me to possibly use in pictures of earrings for my business and in that a little treat for me...Parma Violets!

And finally...I can't find my gloves!! I have found my matching hat and scarf but not my gloves so I bought these ones! They are lovely! I will wear them in a minute when we go to get fish and chips for tea. The hat I was very pleased to find as my friend bought me a hat just like that. All my friends will tell you I'm always losing things on the bus or in a shop and I lost that hat. So now I am very pleased to have found one just like it! 

One lovely last Christmassy picture for you...

Isn't this lovely?! Hope you have enjoyed this post and have as much Christmas shopping as we did!

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  1. looks like you had a lovely time ... a great day out!

    Maria x


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