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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Friendship Vignettes ~ Wall


Hi Welcome to Friendship Vignettes 2.3! I again didn't get many shots this week but did like what I did get. I have had a very busy weekend my Mum and Dad are in Devon for a few days and so on Friday I was off to meet up with them and the day after I was totally wiped out so am just getting to my FV a few days late

so here are our Wall shots...

I didn't take many pics this week so I won't be doing a showcase of the best other pictures again this week. .. Look out for next week though cos at this late stage I can tell you I have taken lots and will definitely try to do a best of bit again! 

Don't forget to pop over to Maria's blog to see all the other lovely things she makes and for a link to the other photo's she took in this theme. My Mum also has her own blog so pop over to Pirate Springs to see the other pics she took. Ruth doesn't have one yet but if she does I'll let you know :-) My friend Karen Ward is now joining us on a regular basis so please visit her blog too

Also pop over to our Friendship Vignettes blog where you can see all our themes with the one picture we each chose (and those of any visiting friends) Just the pictures so they can speak for themselves. 

So would you like to join us?

the theme this week is ... Twisted 

Its not a competition - its just a bit of fun!

If you are interested then take your photo &; email it to us before Wednesday 7pm.
  • Please make your photos at least 72dpi and 500 pixels x 500 pixels.
  • Remember to include your name 
  • OR
  • If you have a blog/site you would like it linked to, then visit our blog once you have written your post and link up using the box under our post for that week. Thanks.

Happy snapping and we look forward to seeing your photos!

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