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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Friendship Vignettes - Week 24 - Looking Down

Hi! Welcome to week 24 of Friendship Vignettes! This weeks theme is Looking Down. Another record  this week - 73 photo's! Hope you don't mind looking at them all at least set to music it's not just like trawling through them individually. I had great fun this week (you might have guessed that from the number of pics taken) and I suffered for my craft climbing the stairs inside our local memorial so I could get some great shots from a height! My thighs and calves are still aching! I had 5 favourites and yes 2 of them featured my dear doggy Dulcie but I eventually picked the one that showed off some local flavour. A mosaic made out of pebbles depicting the Lancashire Rose and something else see the close it  a dragon or a lion? I don't know the relevence. Maybe I should find out!

Don't forget to checkout our new blog where we have each weeks top photo's in one place. Just the photo's so they speak for themselves ... Friendship Vignettes

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No slideshow this week ... I'm trying new things so here is my 2nd photo video! I hope you like it and it makes looking at lots of photo's more interesting!

 I hope you have enjoyed seeing our photo's this week. We would love to see any pictures you take especially if any coincide with any of our themes! Do pop by and let us know

Next week is our 25th week and we are going to do something a little different so do pop by and see what we've been up to :-)

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