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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Exciting News

I am very excited today! My friends surprise Miracle baby has arrived! She is a little girl called Sarah 

Sam, my friend has 3 teenage children already and before Sarah had 2 nasty miscarriages so I am happy to rejoice with the family over Sarah's safe arrival!

So in addition to my excitement for my friends and their tiny little miracle I have been asked to be Sarah's Godmother! I am thrilled!! I just wished I didn't live about 440 miles away! 

But at least I get to pop back to Cornwall for the Christening. I definitely can't miss that! I wonder how long I have to save up! 

Anyway my heartfelt Congratulations to Sam, Greg, Steven, David and Alley on the precious new addition to their Family!


  1. such lovely news ... and congratulations on being her Godmother xx
    Maria x


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