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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Times Are Hard

Father although I cannot see

Father, although I cannot see
the future You have planned,
and though the path is sometimes dark
and hard to understand:
yet give me faith, through joy and pain,
to trace Your loving hand.

When I recall that in the past
Your promises have stood
through each perplexing circumstance
and every changing mood,
I rest content that all things work
together for my good.

Whatever, then, the future brings
of good or seeming ill,
I ask for strength to follow You
and grace to trust You still;
and I would look for no reward,
except to do Your will.

John Eddison

This last year and a half has just gone from exciting to difficult to more difficult to painful, to almost impossible! My faith has never been tried so far coming so close to becoming non-existant! The Promises of the Bible have seemed to be fallacy! I do not understand and although I know we aren't called to understand but to trust but I have been trusting for so so long, much longer than just the last 1 1/2 years and I am getting so weary in body and in spirit. But today I was wandering through a hymn book to help out with choosing songs for tomorrows service this hymn stood out to me! I will try to carry on trusting in Faith that God will come through for me and my family!

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