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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Friendship Vignettes ~ Embellishment

Week 49 ~ Embellishment

Hi Welcome to this weeks Friendship Vignettes. well this is the last week before you all can join us :-) see below for details but your theme for this week is GOLD. 

I only took 3 pictures for this weeks theme and they are all very similar so I won't be doing a showcase of the best this week. Next Wednesday I will be moving to Cornwall and so I might run a little late with the post but I will get it up Thursday if I can :-) I am very excited to be returning to what I consider to be my Homeland having lived there since I was 12 years old until 7 years ago with just a 6 month move to London. My heart is still most definitely in Cornwall so I am going back to join it and cannot wait :-) 

anyway here are our photo's on Embellishment....

Sadly Mum hasn't been able to join us this week. See you next week Mum. So here are this weeks pics....

Don't forget to pop over to Maria's blog to see all the other lovely things she makes and for a link to the other photo's she took in this theme. My Mum also has her own blog so pop over to Pirate Springs to see the other pics she took. Ruth doesn't have one yet but if she does I'll let you know :-)

Also pop over to our Friendship Vignettes blog where you can see all our themes with the one picture we each chose. Just the pictures so they can speak for themselves.

Here are the best of my other pics for this theme...

So would you like to join us?

WEEK 50 is next week! To celebrate we thought we would see if anyone wanted to join us ... so you have just 1 week left to take a picture! ... the theme is GOLD (as it's our Golden Week Anniversary!)

Its not a competition - its just a bit of fun!

If you are interested then take your photo & email it to us before Wednesday 7pm on 17th August.
  • Please make your photos at least 72dpi and 500 pixels x 500 pixels.
  • Remember to include your name.
  • If you have a blog/site you would like it linked to, please just let us know.

Happy snapping and we are looking forward to seeing your photos!

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