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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I Love!

My last few blogs have been very serious and rather sad and today hasn't been any better! Last night mum fell off her chair, this morning she fell down the stairs! A couple of friends are having a tough time and I have felt rather blue! BUT I though that I would write about things that I LOVE! Simple things like:-

I love the sound of the birds singing in the rain
as they were when I was in the bathroom just now,

I love the way my doggy responds to my touch!

I love the sound of my cats purring and the way
my bunny bounces over to see me whenever I pass her cage!

I love the sun as it falls on the houses just before it sets!

I love movies that make me laugh and songs that make me cry

I love getting a text from a friend just to say hi and
getting a letter from a friend who lives a long way away!

I love the Chinese takeaway we're having for tea tonight!

I love to have a reason to indulge in Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy Cake!

And finally I love the smell of Lilies and
the way you can smell them even before you enter the room!

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