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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What a difference makes

I never thought writing a blog when I was feeling down would make such a difference! After writing my last blog I went away and did some research about treatment of PMT (or PMS as my doctor called it). Within minutes I had found out about various herbal treatments and was beginning to feel more positive. After a bit more research I found out about Agnus Castus which is from the berries of the Caste Tree. It is said to really help with the mood swings and the depression.

The next day I spoke to my Pharmacist about whether it would clash with my antidepressants (Mirtazapine) and as they didn't know they said they would come back to me, which they did a couple of days later. They couldn't find any contraindications but advised me just to check it out with my doctor. By now I was feeling better because I was back in control, I knew why I was feeling so bad and I was taking matters into my own hands by doing the research etc.

I saw my doctor yesterday (by which time ,with my period nearly over, I was feeling almost normal!) and she was very understanding. She said there was no proof of the helpfulness of herbal remedies but there was no clash with my medication. She said she was happy for me to try if it helped me even if that was just by giving a placebo effect. She also outlined other possible alternatives if the Agnus Castus doesn't work but I am going to try this for 3 months first.

The other thing that came out of my last blog was that a close friend contacted me to tell me how worried she was about me and to make some suggestions of her own to try. I was really touched by her help and most or all her concern about me! So my dear friend, you know who you are, a big thank you for being there as you always are!!!

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